The Problem of Admissions Officers

Another issue of affirmative action is that it centralizes racial power in the hands of generally white admissions officers and institutions that are statistically biased towards whiteness.

As an example this study: found that in an experiment fictious black students who remained aracial and apolitical recieved better response rates from admissions officers than those who talked explicitly about their blackness. This suggests that admissions offices enforce white normativity.

I find this to be highly problematic in that decisions to discriminate based on race are made by institutions who have internalized anti-black biases. Affirmative action may reproduce white normativity on campuses and create the functional racial tension that Cottom mentions propelled Trump to victory.

Again, affirmative action not only fails to address the structural and environmental issues that plague American society but actually can exacerbate them by creating a standard of diversity that reproduces the already existing racial biases of admission systems.

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