The Problem of the IQ Gap

To make clear at the beggining of this post, I do not endorse any genetic theory of significant differences across racial populations. That issue is one of great scientific complexity, debate, and the consensus is largely against genetic variability playing any role in differential aptitudes. That said, the Black population in America as whole displaysContinue reading “The Problem of the IQ Gap”

The Problem of Admissions Officers

Another issue of affirmative action is that it centralizes racial power in the hands of generally white admissions officers and institutions that are statistically biased towards whiteness. As an example this study: found that in an experiment fictious black students who remained aracial and apolitical recieved better response rates from admissions officers than thoseContinue reading “The Problem of Admissions Officers”

The Problem of Mismatch

The most stunning failure, and confirmation that simply admitting more diverse students does not equal better minority achievement, is the dismal statistics of Black and Hispanic achievement compared to White and Asian students in higher education. Obviously, some of the issues of achievement are attributable to disadvantages that Black and Hispanic students have at theContinue reading “The Problem of Mismatch”

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